Gabriella Bennett

Mother to Kali Grace, in love with Daniel Walden

— Gone so Long|| Danbriella

Gabby groaned again as she tucked away her laptop. Cole had gotten her pills for her but she had yet to take them, figuring it was probably best to start in the morning. They sat on her bedside table and she was flipping through the channels as she sipped on some water. The visit from Dr. Campbell had made her feel a lot better emotionally, she wasn’t worrying anymore and she knew soon enough she would feel better physically as well.

Her day had gone from bad to wonderful. Daniel was home and he would be on his way soon. She had to admit the past few days had sucked without him even with Cole around it wasn’t the same, she needed him and it scared her how much she relied on him. Sighing she rolled over again trying to get comfortable. “God Kali, can’t you just get comfortable without making mommy sick” she groaned as she went for the garbage can again. Hearing the door open she looked up and sighed. She hadn’t managed to get the shower, but who knew maybe he could help her. Slowly climbing out of bed she stood on shaky legs before sinking back down to the bed. “for fuck sakes!” she cried frustrated. She hated feeling so useless, she couldn’t even get to the bathroom her knees were that weak.